Packages for Solaris 5.10 on i386:

Package Version Description Comments
BerkeleyDB4.7.25The Berkeley DB.Installs to /usr/local/bdb and symlinks back into /usr/local.
apache2.2.11The Apache web server.Installs configuration and modules into /etc/apache and installs the apache SMF service.
calamaris2.59A Squid log analysis tool.Requires perl in /usr/bin/perl.
curl7.19.5A file transfer tool that uses URL comment
cvs1.11.23A version control comment
dovecot1.1.16A POP and IMAP server.Installs an SMF facility called dovecot. Preserves configuration in /usr/local/dovecot/etc upon installation or removal.
ejabberd2.0.5A Jabber chat server.Requires an Erlang compiler. A compiler is packaged on this site.
emacs23.2unavailableno comment
erlangR12B5A general-purpose concurrent programming language and runtime comment
expat2.0.1An XML comment
figlet2.22unavailableno comment
findutils4.4.2Utilities for finding things in comment
fontconfig2.7.0A system-wide font configuration package.Configuration is in /usr/local/etc/fonts.
freetype2.1.10A free, portable, high quality font comment
gcc3.4.6The GNU C compiler.A slight reworking of the Sun Freeware package, SMCgcc. Credit where credit's due.
gd2.0.35A general-purpose, open source graphics comment
gdbm1.8.3A GNU implementation of the standard Unix dbm comment
gettext0.17GNU comment
glib2.14.1A cross platform software utility library.Derived from the Sun Freeware package. I will compile this myself when I work out why it is apparently broken on Solaris 10.
gnu_coreutils7.2The GNU core utilities (e.g. ls, cp, rm and so on).no comment
gpg1.4.11The GNU Privacy comment
grep2.5.4GNU comment
iksemel1.3An XML parser library designed for Jabber comment
jpeg7The Independent JPEG comment
lame3.98.4unavailableno comment
libevent1.4An event notification library.Compiled as both a 32-bit and 64-bit package. You would be best advised to add /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/lib/64 to your runtime linking environments. Have a look at the crle man page for how to do this.
libgpgerror-1.7A small library that defines common error values for all GnuPG comment
libgpgerror-1.9unavailableno comment
libiconv1.13A tool to convert between character sets.Requires GSPgnu-core (gnu-coreutils).
libidn1.15The GNU IDN comment
libintl3.4.0Library for native language support.Repackaged from the Sun Freeware package.
libpng1.2.37An open, extensible image format with lossless comment
libtool2.2.6aunavailableno comment
libtool2.2.8unavailableno comment
ligbcrypt1.4.4A general purpose cryptographic library based on the code from comment
logrotate3.7.8A log rotation tool.Does not include any example configuration. Between you and the man page, you're on your own.
lsof4.82A utility that lists open files and other resources in use.Compiled as a 64-bit binary.
lynx2.8.7A text-only web browser for use in comment
make3.81GNU make.Installs /usr/local/bin/gmake as a symbolic link to /usr/local/bin/make.
memcached1.4.0A high-performance, distributed memory object caching system.Built as a 64-bit binary. Be warned.
mtx1.3.10A utility for manipulating tape comment
mysql5.1.35unavailableno comment
named9.6.1The BIND name server. Installs as GSPbind.SMF service 'named' is installed. No dynamic libraries would compile for some reason. Sometimes requires two pkgrms to remove. Handle with care! Supports IPv6 and SSL.
ncurses5.7A free emulation of SVR4 comment
neon0.28.5An HTTP and WebDAV client library, with a C comment
netsnmp5.4.2.1An SNMP agent and associated tools.Installs an SMF service called snmpd.
ocaml3.11.1A flexible programming language with bytecode and true comment
openssl0.9.8kOpenSSL and associated comment
pam_mkhomedir0.79A pam module that automagically creates user home directories upon initial comment
patch2.6.9The GNU patch comment
pca20090827+01The Patch Check Advanced Solaris patch checking tool.Requires a SunSolve account.
pcre7.9Perl Compatible Regular comment
php5.2.10PHP 5.Alters Apache web server configuration. Be warned.
pine4.64A mail and news comment
pkgconfig0.23A tool for retrieving information about installed comment
pkgise1.0A tool for simplifying package creation.For any documentation or explanation of how this works (for the moment) contact me.
postfix2.6.2The Postfix mail server.Installs SMF service postfix.
ppp2.4.4The Point to Point Protocol.Installs the PPP kernel module.
pppoe3.10Tunnels PPP over Ethernet.Some aspects of this are untested but it works for a standard PPP connection. Be aware that the connect script indicates a timeout rather than a successful connection even when it works. This is the Roaring Penguin PPPoE implementation.
procmail3.22A mail delivery comment
pth2.0.7The GNU portable threads comment
qpopper4.0.5A POP mail server.Requires /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/ssl/lib in library path. Refer to the crle man page for a solution to this. Also requires the OpenSSL package from
rkhunter2.0.5A tool that finds rootkits and other malicious comment
rsync3.0.6A utility that provides fast incremental file comment
ruby1.9.1-p243An object oriented programming language.One small problem with testing the threading implementation on build. Use with some caution.
sasl2.1.23The SASL security libraries.Requires the Berkeley DB package from this repository.
slang2.1.4A multi-platform, multipurpose programmer's comment
slrn0.9.9p1A Usenet news reader.Requires the S-Lang interpreter.
sqlite3.7.4unavailableno comment
squid3.0STABLE16The Squid proxy server.Creates an SMF service called squid. Preserves configuration prior to removal and restores old configuration after installation.
sudo1.7.1A tool allowing a systems administrator to delegate authority to mere users.Includes sudo insult code. Be aware, people.
tar1.22GNU comment
tin1.8.3A Usenet news comment
tinycdb0.77A simple database optimised for read comment
top3.7A utility that provides a rolling display of top cpu using comment
twolame0.3.12unavailableno comment
unison2.32.52A file synchronisation comment
vim7.2An enhanced version of the vi editor.Has the following unfortunate dependencies: SUNWfreetype2 SUNWfontconfig SUNWfontconfig-docs SUNWfontconfig-root
vnclogin0.1Creates a service (called 'vnclogin') to enable VNC login to the desktop (screen 1 - port 5901).Highly insecure. Exercise caution with this one.
wget1.11.4A tool for retrieving files using most common internet comment
xpm3.4kAn ASCII-text-based image comment
xroach4.0unavailableno comment
zlib1.2.3A spiffy, unobtrusive compression comment